1-6 Player
Ages 8+
15 minutes


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The Awesomest Petting Zoo

Build fences for animal enclosures and put in all the cutest animals.

But beware! You can’t put different types of animals together and the visitors won’t like an enclosure that isn’t filled with animals.

Can you manage to make a lot of enclosures full of animals before your friends? Who will build the awesomest petting zoo?

About the game

In The Awesomest Petting Zoo, 1 to 6 players compete to score the most points for their petting zoo. Each turn, players choose dice from a shared pool and use them to either make new animal enclosures or put animals in those enclosures.

You can re-roll dice, discard a dice or split an enclosure, but doing so will cost discard points.

Bonus points (or penalties) are awarded through a selection of random cards to players who achieve certain goals. For a single player game, a set of special solo challenge cards is included to give the player a unique experience.

Cards & boards available as print-&-play components; all you need is a pen, dice and some markers for the score track.


This game was an entry for the 2019 BoardGameGeek Roll & Write boardgame design contest.

It won first place in the Best Multiplayer category and ranked top in all other categories.

Extra components

You'll also need to provide the following components yourself: